Statement from Leadership of RHC and Kumar Family:

There are over 300,000 children, referred to as DALCA Dreamer kids, and over 1,000,000 Indian parents in the US living a life of silent anguish and killer anxiety because of the 60+ year wait period for Green card for a high-skilled potential immigrant. DALCA kids have to self-deport themselves once they become adults at the age of 21. Whereas there are 1.8 Million DACA kids in the country who arrived here illegally, Congress is all but set to give them a legal status because they have advocated their case loudly and convincingly.

There is no question that the case of the DALCA Dreamer Kids is more moral, more ethical and more just, not because these kids often represent the best among American youngsters making up 75% of the Best and the Brightest of our high school graduates in the country, but because they followed the rules and obeyed the law. They should not be penalized for arriving here legally! But, their case can only be heard if you raise your voices in their support.

RHC has launched a $5 Million Immigration Mass Awareness Campaign (IMAC) to educate the American public and lawmakers on DALCA and the root-cause of DALCA, so that Congress can fix it while it fixes DACA. We are grateful that Kumar family has stepped up to the plate with a pledge of contributing 20% of the funds needed, we call upon you, Indian parents on work visas, Green card holders and Citizens to rise in support of these kids, and contribute to the IMAC campaign.

Since Congress is going to fix DACA one way or the other, it is #NowOrNever. This contribution is REAL charity much more than what you can make it in a temple!

So Press the Contribute Button Now before it is too late!