RHC launches Immigration Mass Awareness Campaign to bring Justice for 200,000+ DALCA Dreamer Kids: Legal Childhood arrivals, who face ejection when they turn 21, because they arrived here legally..

March 18th, 2018

Whereas we are sympathetic to the needs of the DACA Dreamers, RHC would like to bring to your attention another group of Dreamers – a group that is here legally yet still faces the threat of being ejected from the United States and separated from their families.

These children came to the United States with their parents, who after Legal Permanent Residency approval wait 60+ years for Green Cards due to our broken immigration system for high-skilled applicants, many educated in American universities. These kids lose their legal status when they turn 21 because their parents are still waiting for their Green Cards. This forgotten group has been dubbed the DALCA Dreamers – the “L” stands for “legal.”

Like Speaker Newt Gingrich recently wrote in a Fox-News Op-Ed: “As lawmakers work on the DACA solution, they must keep in mind how senseless, unfair, and hypocritical it would be to provide a fix for DACA Dreamers – who came here illegally – and neglect to provide a solution for the DALCA Dreamers who have followed the rules and are being victimized by our backlogged, broken system.”

While fixing DACA, Congress can also apply a simple fix (as Phase 1 and not the elusive comprehensive immigration reform) to the root cause of DALCA and at the same time boost the American economy:

RHC 5&5 Immigration Reform for High-Skilled (392+)

  • Green Cards for DALCA Dreamer Kids
  • Clear Green Card Backlog for ALL high-skilled applicants in 5 years, and ONLY 5 months wait thereafter. * HR 392, a step in the right direction brings the backlog down only to 26 years and increasing it to 57 years in 26 years from now!
  • Get real and accurate information on various Bills and their impact on Green Card backlog with the SUPER REAL TIME

RHC would also like to invite you to:

Mega Legal Immigration Rally

Expected audience from across USA: 20,000
National Mall, Washington, DC
TBA (To be Announced soon)

Capitol Hill Immigration Rally

Expected audience from across USA: 2,000
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
TBA (To be Announced soon)